Short News

Searchlight - November 2007

Dutch Nazis found a new target for their hate-filled politics on 8 September when they laid siege to an event organized in The Hague by the television music channel MTV under the title 'The city is ours'. The group of about fifty Nazis who turned up to harass visitors to the event belonged to a newly formed group called 'Stop MTV' which consists mainly of members of Youth Storm, the youth group of the C18 group Racial Volunteer Force (RVF), also known as the National Socialist Autonomes. The nazis see MTV as an example of capitalism, the diminution of values, degradation of women and promotion of drugs, branding it an 'international brainwash centre'. To make their protest, they turned up with banners mimicking Anti-Fascist Action and another from the RVF with the slogan 'Lead the Way!' Also present at the end of the demonstration was veteran Dutch nazi Eite Homan, there to recruit members to his own group.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the far-right, Michiel Smit, the leader of the semi-defunct New Right, has quit as a town councillor in Lansingerland. On the run from creditors (over his expenses when he was on Rotterdam city council, rent for the now closed party office and money he owed hosts for his party's websites), Smit hid in Almelo with one of the remaining activists of New Right. The town council in Lansingerland discovered he was not resident there and told him to sort out his situation. In reply, Smit gave up his seat, a decision that probably spells the end for his party.

Jeroen Bosch for Alert! and Antifa-Net