Fenris Postorder touts nazi tat

Searchlight - March 2006

Babies' bibs with the logo "Small Aryan", right-wing extremist music, badges and sweaters with White Power symbols and books about Nazi war criminals: all this junk can by bought on the internet from Fenris Postorder.

This outfit is based in the village Sassenheim, near Leiden, and the man behind it is the long-time nazi Tim Mudde who was arrested, on 12 November last year at a nazi concert in the Czech Republic, for possession of material inciting "race hatred".

Mudde, a former big shot in the outlawed nazi organisation CP'86, is currently boss of the Nationale Beweging (NB), a split from the fascist strongarm squad Voorpost. He also was the singer and driving force in the hate music band Brigade M which has now disbanded.

Mudde's latest money-spinning venture has a large website on which all manner of nationalist and fascist kitsch can be ordered; beer mugs with White Power emblems on them, earrings, pins, key-rings, patches, caps and flags. Celtic and heathen jewellery is also for sale.

On the pins and stickers that are on offer, one can find the mottoes "It is nice to be white" and "Nationalist Holland". Confederate flags symbolising support for slavery also figure in Mudde's cyber catalogue of hate.

Fenris also has its own line of fashion – never likely to be seen on the catwalks of Paris and Rome – with T-shirts bearing the message "Hardcore Nationalist", a reference to Gabber youth culture, and "Loyal to red, white and blue", the colours of the Dutch national flag. Other shirts display "Veget-Arian & Nationalist" and "Biological resistance, fuck for Holland".

Interestingly, Mudde's NB encourages vegetarianism and a pure life-style without tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Obviously sex is excluded from the rules of this monastic lifestyle as babies' bibs with the legend "I won't eat Mac" – referring to McDonalds fast food – are touted for the fascists' offspring.

It is no surprise that books from their ideological icons and French New Right stars Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye are on sale at Fenris. Faye wrote La colonisation de L'Europe and was convicted in 2001 for the racist views expressed in it. Biographies of Hitler, his former secretary Traudl Junge, the Dutch NSB leader Anton Mussert and the Flemish fascist, Jules Declercq, can also be bought.

Notably, Jörg Friedrich's controversial book, Der Brand, on the bombing of German cities by Allied forces during WWII is for sale at Fenris. Friedrich calls the Allied airmen "Einsatzgruppen" and the burning bomb shelters "crematoria". German critics have rightly said that Friedrich displays the Germans too much as victims of the war and thus plays the Nazi card.

The mail order music section is interesting, although not all the music for sale is fascist or even right-wing. In the Rock Against Communism section are all the usual suspects including the British Combat 18 band Avalon. And, of course, Fenris sells the DVD, Fest der Volker‚ recorded at a Blood&Honour gig near Jena last year in Germany at which Brigade M performed and their old enemy, Constant Kusters, of the Dutch People's Union, made a speech. Also featured on the DVD is John Cartwright the lead singer of the Scottish nazi band Nemesis, singing "True Believer", a homage to Hitler's right hand man Rudolf Hess.

The Black Metal section contains fascist stuff as well by the Dutch bands Mordaehoth and Calslagen. The latter uses the 12-armed swastika, the so-called Black Sun that is to be seen on the floor of the SS-cult castle in Wewelsburg, Germany. The Belgian fascist Black Metal band Kwelhekse also markets a CD with Fenris, which carries the song "Total Krieg" which declares Aryan war on the Jews.

The lyrics of this sick rant are nakedly antisemitic:

"The Zyklon B comes through, filling their empty heads

Slowly they see their death, die now for your jewish god,

Hail the warriors of the lowlands, united against the jew-race,

See the march of the empire, the wish of the past fulfilled".

Fenris is now busy promoting itself on the Dutch and Flemish section of the nazi forum Stormfront, and on the ultra right-wing web forum Holland Hardcore that is very popular among racist Gabbers. Mudde's mail order project is playing an important role and breaking new ground in the nationalist and fascist movement because most of this rubbish was not on open sale in the past. The fact that anyone can now order them from a computer keyboard can have a mobilising effect and can indoctrinate youngsters or strengthen already existing warped beliefs. Mudde's dodge to avoid prosecution amounts to selling materials that are not explicitly nazi, a lesson he seems to have learned from Jasper Velzel, his former drummer, who was convicted in 2002 for possession and sale of racist, nazi and Holocaust denying music through his internet company, Berzerker Records (see Searchlight edition August 2002).

That Fenris Postorder's goods are not as harmless as the nazis would have us believe was proven when Mudde tried to sell his merchandise at the Czech nazi concert in Zlata Olesnice on 12 November last year and was arrested in possession of "neonazi and racist pamphlets, CDs, badges and t-shirts". Mudde may yet have to appear in court later for "inciting racial hatred" and, according to the Czech police could face up to three years in jail if convicted.

By Jeroen Bosch of Alert! and Antifa-Net in Utrecht