NA blazes anti-Jewish trail

Searchlight, April 2005

World-wide commemorations of the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp took place on 27 January. Only two days later, the Dutch fascist Nationale Alliantie (National Alliance - NA), founded only fifteen months ago, organised an antisemitic "educational day" on "the struggle against Zionism" with prominent members of the hardcore nazi Blood & Honour Vlaanderen (B&HV) on the list of speakers.

By choosing the 29 January, the day before the anniversary of the 1933 handover of power to Hitler, the NA was mimicking the nazi Nederlandse Volks Unie (Dutch People's Union - NVU), which always commemorates "important" dates culled from the history of Hitler's Third Reich. The NA, however, is not on friendly terms with the NVU with which it competes for membership.

Despite this, the NA is no less extreme, calling on white Dutch people to increase their birthrate and demanding a halt to the building of mosques and the closure of The Netherlands' borders to all migrants and refugees.

It also hates Jews. According to the NA secretary, Virginia Kapic, "Jews don't belong in Europe and they can only live here because 'we', the whites, allow them to exist." Kapic is also outraged that "Jews bother us every year with their Holocaust myth".

The NA, it seems, is planning to take part in elections and is trying to impress the electorate by taking up strong and demagogic positions of support for the elderly, for "more democracy" and for animal welfare.

To show exactly what the NA really is, Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) distributed hundreds of leaflets, on 29 January, in the neighbourhoods of three leading NA members, Jan Teijn, the party chairman and top activists, Gerard de Wit and Olivier Oomen. AFA told it like it is, describing the NA as "without exception, a bunch of racists who are striving for 'a race war' in the Netherlands".

Commenting on Teijn, who held a seat on the Rotterdam city council and who was secretary of the fascist CP '86 until it was banned in 1998, AFA notes that, in 1997, he took part in a demonstration "in honour of the Waffen SS" in Antwerp.

Oomen has also trodden a well-worn extremistpath, having been the leader of the fascist gang, Stormfront Nederland, whose favourite pastimes have included violence, taunting Jews, bawling "Sieg Heil" and spray painting swastikas. Oomen was convicted in 1999 for daubing a Jewish cemetery with swastikas and the words "Six million too few". Stormfront more or less evaporated in 2003 as a result of too many drugs, too much alcohol, internal warfare, arrests and, last but not least, opposition from anti-fascists.

The main speeches at the NA's 29 January "day school" were delivered by members of the Combat 18-orientated B&HV, part of the international B&H network which tries to lure youngsters into violent nazism through its publications and music. The Flemish branch publishes a magazine with the long-winded title Bloed, Bodem, Eer en Trouw in the magazine they write tastefully "racism without hatred to Jews is the same as schminking [putting make-up and jewellery on] up an AIDS- patient. It looks nice, but solves nothing".

According to B&H, "the Jew" - they do not specify which one - "is responsible for the outbreak of diseases" and they claim that "Hitler is the person in world history who did the most for the white race, because of his firm management of the Jews". That Hitler "didn't finish his job was not his fault," B&H thinks, because " "The NSDAP was full of softies."

Thirty members of B&HV visited the annual Rudolf Hess memorial march in Wunsiedel, Germany last August. They have also organised Hitler birthday celebrations on four occasions and had a meeting with the notorious German fascist lawyer, Horst Mahler, a year ago. Additionally, B&HV has had meetings at which the Holocaust has been denied and at which antisemitic films have been shown.

The day school was visited by dozens of fascist activists. The chairman of the Dietsland Jeugd, the NA's youth branch, was delirious about the speeches, claiming "They showed a special gift for inspiring people and clinching their participation in the greatest battle that Europe has ever known," referring to the extermination of the Jews.

The chairman pronounced himself satisfied with the turnout, because, he declared, "If we want to win this battle, we first have to know who our enemies are. If a tree is ill, you must not cut one branch, but remove the whole tree, roots and all, from the sound soil."

The NA is made up of a mixture of so-called volksnationalisten (people's nationalists) who want a white Europe and national socialists, who want to make the Netherlands "Judenfrei".

The latter faction has been the most prominent in internal discussions in recent months, encouraged by Kapic. Before the day school she wrote in the party's internet forum that the "West is nothing more than a immoral capitalist rampart of the Jews. The Jew accomplish everything with the aid of his money and with the ownership of the media. Nowadays the media is completely in the hands of the Jews."

The Jews, she claims, "are aiming for absolute power" and "underestimated the Arabs" when they "let them enter the Western world". Kapic is terrified that "in the end we will be ruled by Arabs with their strange dress and unwashed beards" and adds: "The figure of six millions Jews murdered by the Nazis was made up by Zionists who lie and cheat all the time".

This loony's rantings go on to suggest that "the Jews are to blame for mass murder" because they supported and financed the Second World War. She says that "the communists murdered a hundred million people in the last century", as "marionettes of Zionism". Kapic always ends her psychotic "contributions" on the NA's internet forum with a quote from Adolf Hitler.

In recent months, the NA has threatened nybody who called them nazi or fascist with legal action. Now, after Kapic's ravings on the web and its "educational" endeavours on 29 January, this is no longer possible because the NA has helpfully exposed itself.

Its stridently nazi statements doom the NA to the same political marginality as its sworn rivals in the NVU and, if anything, it is the NA that should worry about legal action now because, if it continues on its current course, a discussion on banning the organisation looks imminent.

By Jeroen Bosch of Alert! and Antifa-Net in Utrecht