Blood and Honour SS commemoration flop

Searchlight - April 2006

A planned commemoration of Hitler's murderous SS at a graveyard in Ysselsteyn by the Dutch branch of Blood&Honour (B&H) on 4 March turned into a fiasco when the authorities banned the event together with an announced an anti-fascist protest. The nazis, who wanted to lay wreaths and pay homage the buried SS men, had been the subject of opposition from anti-fascists who, mobilized by Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), wanted to make a counter-protest. Over 150 police, a police helicopter and several mobile observation units duly enforced the ban, sending nazis packing to a car park on the outskirts of nearby Venlo. AFA, meanwhile, staged a demonstration in the town centre. Further along the motorway, Dutch and German B&H nazis gathered for another "We love the SS" commemoration at the local cemetery in Lommel across the Belgian border before travelling to a concert organised by B&H Flanders.

By Jeroen Bosch of Alert! and Antifa-Net in Utrecht