Wilders international and inland agenda

Searchlight - October 2011

Saturday 3 September Geert Wilders, the xenophobe populist leader of the Freedom Party, speeched at an election conference of the German party Die Freiheit. Last year Wilders spoke at the funding of the tiny right wing populist party, but now he had to help Die Freiheit in their campaign in Berlin for the 18 September elections. According to polls Die Freiheit is not going to breach the 5% treshold, so they will stay irrelevant. What is left of the conference is Wilders international agenda of building his International Freedom Alliance, what also remains more a promise than an organization. So Wilders started promoting his ideas for a new campaign in the Netherlands, if you read between the lines of his speech. While polls predict a Freedom Party in German style for 20% of the votes, Die Freiheit mobilizing 600 attenders, even dropping the price of the tickets from 100 to 5 euro in the last days, did not fill up the hall. At least Berlin voters don´t seem to be particular keen on this international anti-Islam circus. International guests attending were Lars Hedegaard of the Free Press Society from Denmark, Kent Eckeroth of the Sweden Democrats, Pablo Barranco of the party Via Democratica and three representatives from Espana y libertad from Spain and people from the English Freedom Democrats. Highlights of the afternoon would be the speeches of Robert Spencer, but the man behind Jihad Watch couldn´t make it from the US. He did publish his speech though. Apocalyptic as ever, Spencer sees Sharia law coming over Europe and the United States, and all `freedom fighters´, meaning himself and Wilders and so on, will be put on trial and not be acquitted as Wilders. Oskar Freysinger from the Swiss People´s Party compares the European Union in his speech with the former Sovjet Union, calling it EUSSR, that puts `his country´ under huge pressure. Freysinger calls the Swiss `the last free people of Europe´ and points at the Minaret-Initiative from 2009, where 58% of the Swiss who turned up voted against the building of new Minarets. Switserland counts 4 Minarets, so the fearmongers of the Swiss People´s Party did their job excellent. And that is what this conference was about; painting the darkest futures for the `free west´, scooping up quotes from the Islamist fundamentalist fringe, blaming the `elite´ or the `social democrats´ for mass-immigration and looking away from consequences inherent to immigration. Spencer nor Freysinger mentioned the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, who believed their war rhetoric and acted accordingly. Wilders did mention Breivik, stating that Breivik was not one of them, because of his acts and that he didn´t believe in democracy. Hearing Wilders talk about democracy is weird; he runs a one man-party, where it is impossible to be member, even the parliamentarians are not member of his party. You can only deliver your vote and if you´re lucky enough to come to all the security checks, listen to the rare one-sided shows where Wilders interviews his fellow travelers, in a closed venue somewhere in the Netherlands. In his speech Wilders boosts about his position in the Netherlands, repeating his triumphal words from one year ago, that `we´ reduce the immigration of non-Western immigrants with 50% the coming four years. We can conquer the islamisation of our society. Wilders even says; `David can win from Goliath´, totally ignoring the fact of the 5% Muslims and their diversity in the Netherlands, let alone that if `they´ ever become Goliath how to implement whatever they want. "My friends, Germany needs a right party, not tainted with neonazism of anti-Semitism, because Germany is the backbone of Europe", Wilders speeched. Germans has to stop to be shameful (for the crimes of the Dritte Reich), not reduce patriotism to national socialism. The spirit of political freedom can´t florish outside the body of the national state, not without patriotism. We need new blood for the German spirit, loosely quoting the father of Zionism Theodor Herzl. Wilders shifts its focus from islamisation, a non-existing word, to the fear for `europeasation´ and for promoting and creating nationalism and patriotism. That will probably be, in the light of the financial crisis where it´s even for Wilders hard to blame the islam for, his intern agenda for the Netherlands for the coming years.

Jeroen Bosch for Alert! and Antifa-Net in Amsterdam