Incidents in Turkey - March 2004

Weekly newspaper Agos, published in both Armenian and Turkish, was threatened by a group of members of pro-fascist Ülkü Ocaklari on 26 February because of news related to Sabiha Gökçen, the first woman pilot in Turkey appeared on the newspaper. The news had alleged that she was an Armenian. Police did not intervene the group.

Ali Tugrul, candidate in Kepez town of a Antalya and former MHP chair for the town, was shot at his foot on 29 February.

TKP members, who were putting up posters, were attacked by the supporters of MHP on 11 March in Bakirköy (Istanbul). According to the press release by TKP the attack was made by some 20 persons who were passing with the bus of MHP. 1 person was reportedly wounded during the attack.

The bus of MHP was attacked with arms by alleged supporters of AKP in Turhal (Tokat) on 13 March. Mevlüt Özer, Hamdi Sahin, Mesut Bahtiyar and Dogan Kavak were wounded. Major candidates of AKP for mayorship in Turhal district of Tokat Ayhan Doymus, Aydin Selvili, Yakup Öztürk and Recep Besinci were detained in connection with the attack on 13 March, were arrested afterwards.

AKP executive for Güngören district in Istanbul Adem Eraslan was shot to death during a quarrel that broke out between the followers of AKP and MHP on 26 March at about 3am. AKP member Recep Sönmez who was working in the election office in Maresal Çakmak quarter, MHP followers Özgür Özal, Adnan Sahbaz, Fazli Gündüz and Vedat Unsuz were wounded. The quarrel reportedly broke out when MHP followers wanted to put up MHP flag in front of AKP offices.

In 14 November quarter of Igdir a quarrel broke out between the SHP and MHP followers during voting in Cevdet Çiftçi Primary School on 28 March. MHP follower Sahin Akgün was wounded during the incident.

During a quarrel between the supporters of MHP candidate Cavit Gür, who won the election, and former major Adem Gül from AKP, one MHP supporter was killed in Cimitekke town of Resadiye district in Tokat.

On 30 March a fight broke out between the AKP and MHP members in Kanlica town of Kozakli district (Nevsehir). MHP member Oktay Dagdelen and AKP members Ertugrul Yilmaz and Alparslan Karahasan were wounded by knife.

Bombs were put in front of the election offices of AKP and MHP on 12 March in Kadiköy (Istanbul). The bombs were defused by specialists.

MHP election offices in Karsiyaka district of Izmir were thrown molotov cocktails on the night of 24 March.

(This information is from the monthly reports of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT)

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