Incidents in Turkey - April 2004

The tension after the local elections in Ortaklar town of Germencik district in Aydin continued in April 2004. Nihat Demir, SHP representative in Ortaklar, announced that himself and SHP members who had been on duty during the elections were threatened by Mehmet Öner, elected MHP candidate Hayrettin Öner's brother, with gun. A 12-years-old Kurdish child had been beaten the day after the elections and 6 persons were wounded during a fight between Kurds and MHP followers. A coffee house was set on fire on 29 March. On 31 March a house owned by Kurds was set fire. According to the news published on internet site of the daily Özgür Gündem on 19 April barber shop of Kurdish Mehmet Eren was set on fire on the night of 17 April.

The situation of Haluk Kirci, who had been convicted in the cases of Bahçelievler Massacre and so-called Susurluk case continued to be discussed in April. Kirci who was released on 19 March upon the decision by Ödemis Heavy Penal Court. Although Salihli Heavy Penal Court annulled the release decision upon the objection raised by Ersen Sensal lawyer for the Bahçelievler Massacre case, Kirci could not be seized. It was alleged that Kirci fled from the country in May together with Alaattin Çakici.
Haluk Kirci's lawyer Hüseyin Ayan stated in the beginning of April that Kirci would not surrender because Salihli Heavy Penal Court did not issue arrest warrant against him. He added that he was going to file an official complaint at Ministry of Justice against members of Salihli Heavy Penal Court because they exceeded the limits of their authority.

Fevzi Demir and Tezcan Özabay, students at Erzurum Atatürk University, were reportedly attacked by rightist students on 10 March in Yoncalik Campus. Because of the press conference organised after the attack on 11 March in front of Rectorate, Fevzi Demir was dismissed from the university for two semesters on the grounds of violating the disciplinary regulation. The disciplinary investigation against the students Tezcan Özabay, Fevzi Akbacak and Ahmet Adakan is still ongoing.

On the night of 15 April leftist students were attacked by rightist students in Çanakkale. The rightist students Muharrem Durmaz, Emre Akyüz and Harun Güven were wounded during the incident.

(This information is from the monthly reports of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT))

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