Incidents in Turkey - May / June 2004

A group of pro-MHP people attacked the workers, who were fired from their jobs at Standart Cargo Company in Izmir, during the action they held in front of the company on 24 May. During the fight that broke out upon the attack, the executives of the trade union TUMTIS in Izmir Akif Sahin was wounded with a gun and Ilhan Kömürcü was wounded with a knife.

The attack of psychologically ill Adil Adigüzel against the sculpture of Atatürk in Bodrum district of Mugla on 2 May led to clash between Kurdish and Turkish persons. Aziz Alkaner, one of the Kurdish tradesman in the district, said that on 2 May some persons wanted to beat Adil Adiguzel and they intervened with his brother Ömer Alkaner the incident. He added that his brother and Adil Adiguzel were detained. He continued: " When my brother was released a group of angry persons gathered in front of the station. We heard that the group was leaded by Ali San, who ame from Mugla and was the chair for Idealists Union in Mugla, They attacked my brother. He saved by other persons from being killed. Afterwards were called by executives of Turgutreis Idealists Union. They wanted us to forget the incident and wanted me to go to their offices. When I got there with my father I was attacked by some 50 persons. They did not beat my father but forced to watch me. They hit my body." He said that he made a complaint with the gendarmerie station in Turgutreis. He added that his bar was set on fire the same night.

SDP organisation in Bursa announced that Kanalp had been threatened by "idealist" persons and those persons were known by gendarmerie in Görükle. According to the examination of the physicians he was beaten by persons ho knew how to beat without leaving traces. His arms were also scratched with a sharp device and tried to be threatened.

Some 60 leftist and rightist students at Sivas Cumhuriyet University were temporarily dismissed from the school for periods changing between one week and 6 months. The decision was given in connection with the attack of rightist students to 4 leftist students on 1 March and the protest demonstration of the leftists.

Yüksel Çalagan, student at Ankara Gazi University, announced that he was attacked twice by rightist students in May. He said that one of the attackers was "Ayhan" who is also a student at the same department. He stressed that police and private security officer did not intervene those persons.

The students Orçun Masatçi, executive for the theatre group "Theatre of Revolution", Pinar Demirci Ender Eylenceoglu and Ali Yücel Özden were wounded during the attack by a group of rightists on 4 June in the Gölbasi campus of Gazi University in Ankara. The students announced that the police did not intervene the attack and also allowed the attackers to enter the faculty building. The student Arif Küçükyahyaoglu was reportedly attacked by the same persons recently.

An official complaint was made against the mayor of Ortaklar town in Aydin Hayrettin Öner from Nationalist Movement Party on the allegations of "misconduct of duty" and "inciting people" in connection with the incidents occurred in Yesiltepe quarte, where Kurdish people live, after the local elections of 28 March. M. Serif Süren, who made the complaint alleged that the mayor made the tension between Kurdish and Turkish get worse. He also stressed in his complaint that the services, which had to be undertaken by the municipality, were not carried out in the quarters where Kurdish people live. He added that when he asked why they do not do their job he was said that he was a DEHAP member and they would not undertake those services.

(This information is from the monthly reports of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT))

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