Incidents in Turkey - November / December 2004

November 2004
On 4 November sympathizers of the BBP and MHP clashed at Ankara Gazi University. Two students were injured.

On the same day students at the Aegean University in Izmir-Bornova were attacked by a group of MHP followers. The student M.A. Was injured with a knife, In an ensuing fight between leftist and rightist students Ö.A., S.Ç. and S.A. were slightly injured.

At Ankara University, Faculty for Language, History and Geography leftist and rightist students clashed on 4 November. The fight arose, when rightist students attacked those, who did not fast. Reportedly nobody was injured or detained in the fight.

On 4 November a group of rightist students attacked leftist students at Istanbul-Marmara University in Göztepe. One student was injured and two students were detained. The following day another fight arose at the same place, resulting in injuries of the leftist female students Nuray Halvelioglu and Habibe Halvelioglu. The students Atilla Erdaloglu, Nail Altinbas and Servet Yilmaz were detained.

A group of rightist students allegedly beat Metin Çesmeci from Kocaeli University. Fellow students held a press conference and said that four people had kidnapped Metin Çesmeci on 5 November. They had asked him on the authors of the journal "Sound of the Whistle" and who the democratic students were. Reportedly Metin Çesmeci was heavily beaten, his mobile phone and money was stolen. He received a medical report certifying 5 days' inability to work and filed an official complaint with the public prosecutor.
On 30 November students, who distributed a leaflet on the incident, were attacked by rightist students. The student Serhat Boztas was injured. The police detained 4 students and the DIHA reporter Turgay Süsem. He was released after a short time.

On 8 November rightist students attacked students at Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, because they did not fast. The police separated the clashing groups.

Israfil Kumbasar, wirter with the rightist paper "Yeniçag", was beaten by alleged sympathisers of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) on the night of 20 November. According to the news gathered Israfil Kumbasar had an appointment with the former executive of Idealists' Union Mehmet Emin Uyartas and he had a dispute with Vice-President of Idealists' Union Erkan Azeri, who was with Uyartas, concerning the articles of Kumbasar on MHP. At about 11pm Kumbasar left the office of Uyartas and he was waylaid by a group of people shooting "the leader of the movement is Bahçeli". He was heavily beaten. According to the news appeared on Yenicag President of Idealists' Union Alisan Satilmis was also within the group and Kumbasar was previously threatened by MHP sympathisers.

December 2004
On 7 December 7 persons kidnapped the students N.S.K. (17) and A.K. (16) in Bodrum district (Mugla) because they had refused to become members of the Idealists' Union. They were taken to depot and reported to have been beaten there for four hours, Ayhan Karahan, representative of the HRA in Bodrum, said that similar incidents had happened in the past.

A group of EMEP members who wanted to stage a press announcement on 7 December in connection of the beating of Eftal Atbas, student at Çanakkale 18 March University, by rightists were attacked by the members of Idealists' Union. 8 students were wounded and 2 persons were detained during the incident.

On 9 December students at Gazi University protested against the participation of Dogu Perinçek, chairman of the Workers' party (IP) in a symposium. Rightist students attacked the group and injured the student Onat Özer to his leg and back, The police used tear gas and truncheons to disperse the group and detained 20 people including the reporter of the daily "Sabah", Göksel Çaglav.

On 13 December rightist and leftist students clashed at the Faculty of Literature at Istanbul University. The police dispersed the fighting groups with pepper gas and detained 55 students. The incident reportedly broke out because the students Fahrettin Çelenk and Yilmaz Özcan had returned to university on order of the governor, after they attacked leftist students with hatchets in November.
The police intervened, when a crowd of people awaited the detained students in front of the courtyard. Allegedly students wanted in connection with the same incident were among the crowd. 148 students were detained on the allegations that "there were persons who were wanted in connection with the fight occurred on the day before". Meanwhile, 47 of the 54 students who were detained in connection with the fight on the day before were released while Alisan Delek, Eren Saritas, Ercan Karakaya, Nazim Soylu, Ismail Karatepe, Kemal Okur and Zafer Kuran were arrested. On 15 December Murat Hiçbezmez, one of the 148 students, was arrested too.

On 21 December leftist students demanded the annulment of a conference at Ankara University, because Dogu Perinçek was to participate. Members of the IP attacked the students and injured 13 of them.

On 22 December rightist students attacked a group of leftist students at Selçuk University in Konya, when they wanted to conduct a press conference. The police intervened and detained 19 people.

(This information is from the monthly reports of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT))

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