Incidents in Turkey - December 2003

A quarrel broke out in Istanbul University on 2 December 2003 between TKP member students, who wanted to put up posters saying "No to Imperialism and the Sheir'a" and students calling themselves "Muslim Youth". The police intervened the quarrel in front of the Economy Faculty building and detained 10 students.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kara, Dean of Agriculture Faculty at Selçuk University in Konya, was attacked by 5 unidentified persons on 8 December 2003. Kara, who was hit at his head in the corridors of the faculty, was taken to the hospital. He was reportedly attacked because he ordered the removal of the posters on TRNC and photos of Alparslan Türkes from the walls of the faculty.

Terzioglu dormitory for university students in Çanakkale was raided by some 30 rightist students on the night of 8 December 2003. The attackers, who were reportedly students at Çanakkale 18 March University, came at about midnight to the dormitory, broke the windows and wanted to enter the rooms in the second floor. The police intervened and detained 10 students and the rest of them escaped.

The students, who stayed in the dormitory of Bursa Cumhuriyet Lyceum, were attacked by the rightist persons on 13 December 2003 on the grounds that "they were speaking and singing in Kurdish". The students appealed to HRA Bursa branch and announced there that the dormitory administration didn't intervene the attackers who attacked them with clubs and wounded a student by a knife, and they didn't call police after the incident. The bomb left in front of the offices of Idealists' Union Istanbul branch exploded on 30 December at about 7.30am. No one died or injured because of the explosion.

The students at Eskisehir Osmangazi University Hüseyin Ali Büçgün and Firat Yegen were reportedly beaten by private security guards in the campus. According to the news gathered the students were prevented by the guards when they were distributing leaflets to protest the raises in the prices in the canteen on 11 December 2003. Since the students gathered after having seen their friends handcuffed and beaten, two students were taken in the cabinet of guards. The students were released on mediation of the vice-dean Özcan Dagdemir. The condition of the students, who were taken to the hospital, was announced to be bad. The students Demet Demir and Atilla Bilgin announced that they saw their friends under beatings and wanted to intervene, but the guards threatened them. The students at Mersin University announced on 13 December that private security guards and rightist students attacked the students who were distributing leaflets protesting YÖK.

The students at Education Faculty of Atatürk University Burhan Bölün, Salih Kizilkaya, Meydin Ataman and Ömer Orhan were temporarily dismissed from university for "shouting slogans in favour of an illegal organisation and fighting with the rightist students" when chairman of DEHAP Tuncer Bakirhan had come to Agri in October. Ömer Orhan was reportedly dismissed for one year, Burhan Bölün, who had previously announced that he had been tortured in detention, for 1 semester and two weeks, Salih Kizilkaya and Meydin Ataman for 1 semester. The students also announced that the rightist students, with whom they had fought, were only given the reproach punishment.

(This information is from the monthly reports of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT)

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