MHP reaction against Firat's remarks

'The statements from AKP's Firat addressing Turkish ultra-nationalists reflect psychological state of a man suffering from trauma,' says MHP's Isiklar

ANKARA - Turkish Daily News
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leveled strict criticism against the statements made by Justice and Development Party (AKP) Deputy chairman Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat who condemned ultra-nationalists' alleged beating up the supporters of the "yes" vote on the island.

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Deputy Chairman Ali Isiklar said in a written statement on Friday, "The statements of AKP Deputy Chairman Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat addressing Turkish ultra-nationalists reflect a psychological state of a man suffering from trauma."

Turkish Cypriot police arrested on Tuesday 47 people who allegedly beat up supporters of the "Yes" vote on the island.

The detainees were said to be members of the ultra-nationalist Gray Wolves group, an extreme right faction in Turkey. Turkish Cypriot newspapers reported Wednesday that hundreds of "Gray Wolves" had come to the island for the referendum campaign. One paper accused them of seeking to "terrorize" voters into opposing the U.N. plan.

Firat slammed the Turkish political parties supporting Denktas in his opposition against the plan, saying they were interfering in the internal business of the KKTC and trying to manipulate Turkish Cypriots' decision. Firat also accused the ultra-nationalists on the island, noting, "This is not nationalism, but vagrancy."

Firat also called on the leaders of MHP and other political parties supporting KKTC President Denktas to resign if Turkish Cypriots vote in favor of the U.N. reunification plan which will be presented to a referendum today on both sides of the island.

The statement by Isiklar said in reply to Firat's call, "The ones who should resign after the referendum are in fact the AKP government which follows a 'solve and get rid of policy' and those sharing a similar understanding."

Turkish Daily News, 24 april 2004