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Sources about Grey Wolves - Turkish extreme nationalism

Searchlight: Music is key to Grey Wolves' activities (2007)
TDN: MHP reaction against Firat's remarks (2004)
TDN: Nationalists seek alternatives to MHP - ATP and BBP merger (2002)
Tanil Bora: The Center Shifted to the MHP (2000)
The CIA and the Gray Wolves (1985)
Turkish extreme nationalist protest against Armenian genocide (2005)
Fascist Grey Wolves in the Netherlands (2002)
Grey Wolves stage anti-armenian rally (2005)
Turks deny genocide on Armenians (2000)

Incidents in Turkey - November 2000/December 2002
Incidents in Turkey - January / June 2003
Incidents in Turkey - July / August 2003
Incidents in Turkey - September / October 2003
Incidents in Turkey - November 2003
Incidents in Turkey - December 2003
Incidents in Turkey - January 2004
Incidents in Turkey - February 2004
Incidents in Turkey - March 2004
Incidents in Turkey - April 2004
Incidents in Turkey - May / June 2004
Incidents in Turkey - September / October 2004
Incidents in Turkey - November / December 2004
Human Rights Report of Turkey 2005

Links: Press
BBC Hardtalk Turkey: Otkay Vural, MHP (video, 2006)
CPJ: As Turkish nationalists resist European tilt, free expression is a victim (2006)
Christian Science Monitor: Turkey takes nationalist turn (1999)
Le Monde Diplomatique: Turkey's pivotal role in the international drug trade (1998)
Martin A. Lee: On the Trail of Turkey's Terrorist Grey Wolves (1997)

Links: Science
E. Aydin, The peculiarities of Turkish revolutionary ideology in the 1930s: the Ulku version of Kemalism, 1933-1936 (pdf) (2003)
F. Ebert Stiftung: Trade unions in Turkey - MISK/Confederation of nationalist trade unions (1998)
Gözüküçük, Yusuf, Rethinking the turkish center-right in 1990s: erosion or replacement? - The case of the Nationalist Action Party, Bilkent University (pdf) (2001)

Links: Turkish Fascists and hyper-nationalists
Avrupa Türk Kültür Dernekleri Birligi (ATB)
Büyük Birlik Partisi - BBP
Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi - MHP
ADÜTDF - European Turkish Federation

Links: Antisemitism in Turkey
Antisemitism in the Turkish Media: Part 1, Special Dispatch Series number 900, MEMRI, 28 April 2005
Antisemitism in the Turkish Media (Part II) - Turkish Intellectuals Against Antisemitism, Special Dispatch Series number 904, MEMRI, 5 May 2005
Antisemitism in the Turkish Media (Part III): Targeting Turkey's Jewish Citizens, Special Dispatch Series number 916, MEMRI, 6 June 2005
Bali, Rifat N., Another Enemy: The Donmes or Crypto-Jews, pp. 77-108 Kabballah, nummer 9, 2003 (pdf)
Bali, Rifat N., The image of the jew in the rhetoric of political islam in Turkey, Cahiers d'Études sur la Méditerranée et le monde Turco-Iranien, number 28, June-December 1999
Bali, Rifat N., The politics of Turkification during the Single Party period, pp. 43-49, Turkey Beyond Nationalism (Ed. Hans-Lukas Kieser) I.B. Taurus, 2006 (pdf)
Bali, Rifat N., What is Efendi Telling Us?, pp. 109-139, Kabballah, nummer 13, 2005 (pdf)
Hopkins, Michael, Harun Yahya and Holocaust revisionism


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Bahçeli: I respect the result, but will control SKP in parliament, Turkish Daily News, 23 july 2007

Belli, Burcak, The Trabzon connection, Turkish Daily News, 23 january 2007

Bilgiç, Taylan, Massacre stuns land of the apricot, Turkish Daily News, 21 april 2007

Bozkurt, Göksel, Meet the MHP in parliament, Turkish Daily News, 27 july 2007

Bozkurt, Göksel, MHP's Türkes: pro-Kurdish party not a problem if not nationalist, Turkish Daily News, 26 june 2007

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Extreme parties point finger at foreign circles for Dink murder, The New Anatolian, 27 january 2007

Freely, Maureen, Why they killed Hrant Dink, Index on Censorship, no. 2, 2007

Is MHP dressed to be hero of democracy in new parliament, Turkish Daily News, 27 july 2007

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Agca found unfit for military service, Turkish Daily News, 17 January 2006

AKP, MHP tension leads to public recriminations, Turkish Daily News, 14 september 2006

Alawis and MHP, Turkish Daily News, 10 August 2006

Bahçeli slams AKP gov't at grand party congress, Turkish Daily News, 20 november 2006

Baskan, Filiz, Globalization and nationalism: The Nationalist Action Party of Turkey, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, issue 1, spring 2006

Bilicik police chief victim of Sögüt brawl, Turkish Daily News, 16 september 2006

Birand, Mehmet Ali, Bahçeli and the European Court of Human Rights reassure Turkey, Turkish Daily News, 19 January 2006

Bozkurt, Göksel, Bahçeli expected to reaffirm leadership at MHP convention, Turkish Daily News, 12 november 2006

Bozkurt, Göksel, Coalition arrangements in the capital, Turkish Daily News, 26 november 2006

Bozkurt, Göksel, MHP braces for tense convention, Turkish Daily News, 19 november 2006

Çiçek: Agca case shows Turk court system works, Turkish Daily News, 22 January 2006

Çiçek formally challenges release of Agca, Turkish Daily News, 18 January 2006

Columns: Devlet Bahç is not very convincing, Turkish Daily News, 19 January 2006

Council of State investigation leads tot 'deep' facts', Turkish Daily News, 24 May 2006

Court turns down appeal of MHP leadership challenger, Turkish Daily News, 18 november 2006

Early release annulled, Agca will return to jail, Turkish Daily News, 21 January 2006

Ergil, Dogu, Best-known secrets, Turkish Daily News, 16 January 2006

Ergil, Dogu, Invitation to crisis, Turkish Daily News, 2 January 2006

Ex-general faces inquiry for ordering attacks, Turkish Daily News, 1 August 2006

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MHP leader clears out dissidents, Turkish Daily News, 21 november 2006

MHP leader: Our ancestors have the solution, Turkish Daily News, 13 september 2006

Newly released Agca may return to prison for another 11 months, Turkish Daily News, 14 January 2006

Retired general asked to respond to claims, Turkish Daily News, 25 August 2006

Safak recounts struggle with ultranationalists, Turkish Daily News, 9 september 2006

Shame and anger in Turkish press after Agca's release, Turkish Daily News, 14 January 2006

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Bildirici, Faruk, Neo-nationalists with plastic bags, Rising nationalism in Turkey - Part II, Turkish Daily News, 18 April 2005

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MHP calls on Turkish withdrawal from EU talks, Turkish Daily News, 3 October 2005

MHP moving towards replacing Bahçeli, Turkish Daily News, 19 May 2005

MHP leader: AKP seeking salvation through early elections, Turkish Daily News, 22 June 2005

MHP leader: Terror summit is necessary, Turkish Daily News, 28 July 2005

MHP leader Bahçeli: PM should choose either headscarf or EU, Turkish Daily News, 12 November 2005

MHP's Bahçeli blasts governement, Turkish Daily News, 11 July 2005

MHP's Bahçeli warns government on Öcalan retrial, Turkish Daily News, 5 May 2005

MHP's Bahçeli: Gov't submissiveness fosters surge in terrorism, Turkish Daily News, 8 August 2005

MHP's 'March to Government' grinds to a halt, Turkish Daily News, 15 July 2005

MHP's Paçaci says proposal for party congress rejected, Turkish Daily News, 2 July 2005

MHP's Sandir calls for state summit on terror, Turkish Daily News, 21 September 2005

Nationwide protests held over European court verdict, Turkish Daily News, 14 May 2005

Özerkan, Fulya, Nationlist showcase taking over Mt. Erciyes, Turkish Daily News, 1 August 2005

Özerkan, Fulya, Ultranationalists to gather at convention, Turkish Daily News, 1 August 2005

Ongun: Bahçeli is like DEHAP, Turkish Daily News, 22 June 2005

Right-wing groups incensed, Turkish Daily News, 23 March 2005

Rival students clash in Denizli, Turkish Daily News, 24 May 2005

Saydamar, Kemal, MHP's weekend rally aims to make stance clear, Turkish Daily News, 30 September 2005

Ultranationalists call on PM to ditch EU membership talks, Turkish Daily News, 3 October 2005

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MHP uncomfortable with Erdogan's statements, Turkish Daily News, 14 April 2004

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Party supporters clash over elections, Turkish Daily News, 30 March 2004

Sandir: No one should distort MHP's warnings, Turkish Daily News, 3 August 2004

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